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Some of the reasons why Protech is the most preferred outsourcing company are:

  • Personalised research - most parts are reverse engineered and perfectly documented right from customer inquiry to dispatch details.
  • Comprehensive services - every step, every process is minutely monitored from the order stage to delivery.
  • Technological superiority - because Protech has the right people carrying out their respective functions. Qualified, trained and experienced.
  • Profound meticulosity - audit inspection is carried out for every part and certification is done.
  • Precision - another aspect that receives top attention is conformity to specification and providing customers with exactly what they want. This is the reason why several prestigious organisations of the developed world, who have stringent quality standards have reposed their confidence in Protech.
  • Close interaction - effective communication with clients on techno-commercial issues ensures transparency, and swift and accurate results.
  • Sheer dependability - maintenance of delivery schedules and time commitments are the hallmarks of Protech.
  • Contingency preparedness - for every part, there are alternative sources to eliminate excessive dependency. And most of them are QS 9000 or ISO 9001 certified companies.
  • Transparency of operations - the entire development, manufacturing, and quality control processes are open for clients to satisfy themselves as to the efficacy of the systems.
  • Cost effectiveness - value for money is another key factor that has endeared Protech to its most exacting customers.


The past has seen a studded repertory of delighted customers. The present is spurting a 60% growth every annum, with customers increasingly displaying "Only Protech" signage. The future has been envisaged as one where the industrialised world will think Protech for every outsourced product.

Absolutely delighted customers - then, now and ever more...
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